Medicinal/Ornamental/Fruit plants of Kashmir

Medicinal/Ornamental/Fruit plants of Kashmir
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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Horticulture in India

Hazel Nut Plantation : The Hazelnut Nurseries orchard of around 13000 trees are planted in Jammu and Kashmir Medicinal Plants Introduction Centre's R&D Centre near Sonamarg in North Kashmir . Initial planting began in 1998 and the trees are now well established and producing quality nuts for the worldwide marketplace. More than 30,000 plants are ready for sale.

The  Jammu and Kashmir Medicinal Plants Introduction Centre-JKMPIC, is a pioneer institution to start cultivation of important indigenous medicinal plants and introduce many from other parts of the world. A preliminary study on cultivation of medicinal plants in Jammu and Kashmir was from this institution. Subsequently lot of work on cultivation and improvement was done on selected plants by different   scientists and a consolidated account on cultivation and utilization of these plants was published (Sheikh GULZAAR, 2002 & 2007).

Availability of  Seed/Planting material for research purpose only
(The following seeds  and planting material is available for distribution/purchase for Research institutions, universities, associations and NGOs)

For further information: if you are interested in purchasing Seeds/Plants from the Jammu and Kashmir Medicinal Plants Introduction Centre, or to request more information :
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